Consultancy on demand

Need flexible ‘pay-as-you-go’ support from a business change specialist?

With our Consultancy on demand service you only need to pay for business change expertise when you need it. Our consultants will flex ‘in and out’ of your project to provide you with support.

You also get a year’s free access to our full ‘Business Change in a Box’ toolkit when you purchase any number of consultancy hours with us.

Consultancy on demand is the perfect alternative to traditional consultancy.

Use this simple ‘pay-as-you-go’ service as a cost-effective alternative to hiring a consultant full time. You can call on our experts when you need them and ‘top up’ your time at any point.

How does it work?

Purchase the number of hours you’d like, and we’ll pair you with one of our UK-based experts.

Depending on your needs, they will:

    •   Work with you to develop your business change strategy
    •   Use their experience to help you identify, engage, and communicate with your stakeholders
    •   Support you with creating plans, presentations, and other project artefacts
    •   Provide you with practical and tailored advice throughout your delivery
    •   Help you navigate the ‘Business Change in a Box’ toolkit and templates

And you can top up at any point.

Book some time with a certified expert

All our associates are hand-picked specialists with at least 10 years freelance or blue-chip consultancy backgrounds in business change and transformation.

They have experience in a wide range of business areas, and we pair the right expert with you – whether you’re delivering digital transformation, IT solution delivery, business transformation, policy change, service management transformation, organisational change, cultural change, estate change and much more.

Check out our frequently asked questions for more detail on this service.

Select how many hours you’d like: £120/hour

Plus get a year’s access to the toolkit with any consultancy purchase.

1 hours consultancy

£ 120

Including VATPurchase

2 hours consultancy

£ 240

Including VATPurchase

5 hours consultancyMost popular

£ 600

Including VATPurchase

10 hours consultancy

£ 1200

Including VATPurchase

10 hour+ consultancy

- £

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